Boom forecast for mobile internet use in Vietnam

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Vietnam will see a mobile internet use boom within the next 12 months, said newswire Vnexpress, citing a recent Nielsen pre-report, Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report, which will be officially released by the end of September.

Currently, only 2 out of 5 users in Vietnam, or 41 percent, access internet via mobile phones, the lowest rate in the Southeast Asia region.

So, it will take time for mobile internet to be accessed by Vietnamese users, and in the near future, the number of users will likely increase rapidly.

The ratio is expected to be raised to 75 percent in 12 months.

Though only 21 percent of Vietnamese users own internet-accessible mobile handsets, the rate will be 46 percent in just one more year.

"Although general spending is decreasing due to rising inflation pressure, Vietnamese people are still keen on spending on high-tech devices to maintain uncorrupted connection.

Vietnam's high-tech mobile device market is quite small against other developed economies, but most of latest models of smartphones are being searched and purchased by Vietnamese consumers", Darin Williams, Managing director of Nielsen Vietnam, said.

However, Darin warned, if the trend goes on, some issues will emerge.

Mobile service providers need to invest more intensively in developing their mobile telecommunication infrastructures and doing researches to track and enhance mobile internet experiences of the users.

The more importance, according to Darin, is that the prices of smartphones should be lower to be purchasable to more buyers, which may lead to fiercer competition between smartphone producers and dealers.

"Assuming that all of the aforementioned terms are met, we forecast there will be an abnormal increase in load of using mobile internet in next 2 years", he said.

Nielsen report also pointed out the tendency of digital content using of the Vietnamese people.

Accordingly, 96 percent of internet users have accessed at least one social networking service/website; 79 percent clicked "like" or watched a brand name, a company or a famous individual via websites, 10 percent higher than the regional average level.

Vietnamese internet users also are easily affected by information found on social networking services/websites.

58 percent of surveyed users said that posted information was reliable and 81 percent believed that using social websites is like a resource to give shopping decisions.

"Close connection between internet users and online content will present an opportunity for online advertisers and marketers", Darin said.

“So, those who can make breakthroughs with more competitive advantages and win the heart of their customers may be those who appear more regularly and gain more popularity on social networking services/websites,” he added.

“This trend will help businesses to build up their loyal online communities and reorient their business development strategies,” he said.

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