Bonus figures catch eyes

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Bonus figures catch eyes

According to Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the top New Year bonus of VND700 million ($33,000) held by a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE), down 2.08 per cent against last year’s figure at the enterprise. Meanwhile, the average and lowest levels at FIEs were set at VND3.89 million ($185) and VND611,000 ($29), respectively.

Leading bonus at state-owned firms in Ho Chi Minh City was VND89 million ($4,200), surging 15.6 per cent against last year. Meanwhile, the floor level was just VND453,000 ($22). Top reward at private firms came to VND88.2 million ($4,200) while the floor level was VND910,000 ($43).

Relative to traditional Lunar New Year (Tet) bonus, FIEs took the lead with VND400 million ($19,000). The second rung of VND356 million ($16,900) held by a state-owned firm while top bonuses at wholly state-owned and private firms were VND130 million ($6,200) and VND135 million ($6,400), respectively.

Lowest bonus level for FIE workers was just VND2.065 million ($98) against VND2.154 million ($102) at private firms and far below that at wholly state-owned firms of VND7.213 million ($343), according to

The figures came from summary reports delivered by 958 enterprises outside of industrial zones (IZs) and export processing zones (EPZs) which included 61 wholly state-owned firms, 86 state firms, 289 private businesses and 522 FIEs.

As for businesses working in IZs and EPZs, top 2012 Tet bonus of around 100 million ($4,750) was offered by a local firm. Leading FIE bonus was offered at VND77.8 million ($3,700). Based on sectors, the textile-garment industry rendered the top bonus of VND77.8 million while leading figure in electrical and electronic sector was VND55.3 million ($2,600), in mechanical engineering VND50.1 million ($2,380) and in food industry VND50 million. These figures were based on reports sent by 160 businesses to Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

In Hanoi, leading Tet bonus of VND67.3 million ($3,200) held by a private firm while the floor level at private firms was only VND450,000 ($21). In the state sector, average bonus came to VND3.7 million ($176), hiking 4.5 per cent against 2010. Ceiling and lowest reward levels in the sector were VND22 million ($1,050) and VND300,000 ($14).

In the FIE sector, the average bonus was set at VND4.2 million ($200). The ceiling and lowest levels were around VND60 million ($2,850) and VND200,000 ($9.5), respectively. Last year, Tet bonus ceiling and floor levels in the sector were VND73 million ($3,470) and VND500,000 ($24).

Statistics show that Hanoi is currently home to over 117,000 on-going firms, including 97,000 local ones while the remainder is FIEs.

In Danang city, as of December 26, 2011 a total of 65 firms had forwarded reports on Tet bonus to Danang Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Accordingly, for New Year 2012 the ceiling and floor reward levels at wholly state-owned firms were VND17 million ($810) and VND100,000 ($5), respectively. Corresponding levels in the state sector were VND20 million ($950) and VND100,000, at private firms were VND12.9 million ($615) and VND100,000. ($5)

For Tet bonuses, wholly state-owned firms reported top and floor bonus figures of VND30.5 million ($1,450) and VND2 million ($95). The average was VND6 million ($285). At state-owned units, corresponding levels were VND75 million ($3,570) and VND500,000 ($24). The average was VND4.4 million ($210). Private firms reported top and floor reward levels of VND21 million ($1,000) and VND500,000 ($24). The average came to VND3.1 million ($147). In the FIE sector, top and lowest levels were VND58 million ($2,760) and VND500,000 ($24). The average was VND3.4 million ($162).


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