Big little man conquers Fansipan

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Big little man conquers Fansipan

VietNamNet Bridge - Well-known Agent Orange victim Nguyen Son Lam has finished his adventure to Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest peak of 3,143m, at noon October 24.

Born to a Vietnamese veteran father who was exposed to Agent Orange during the war in Quang Ninh province in 1972, Son suffers from porous bones and muscular atrophy, which has severely limited his movements since childhood. He is only 90cm tall, 23kg in weight.

The little man has struggled with destiny to have two bachelor degrees, speak three foreign languages – English, French and Japanese. Lam is known as a speaker, a sub-editor, a manager and also a contestant of Vietnam Idol. He is currently chairman of a life skill training company in Hanoi.

On October 17, Lam stated to climb the Fansipan to change perceptions about people with disability and raise fund for “Son Lam and friends,” a charity he runs to help needy children. He trained for the trip for months, climbing stairs and practicing martial arts.

For normal people, it takes them two days and three nights to the Fansipan. For Lam, who walks with crutches, the trip lasted for four days. He reached the peak of Fansipan at noon, October 24.

“I’m tired but I’m very happy and shiver. The feeling right now is complicated to describe!” he told VNExpress from Fansipan peak.

After this trip, Lam will design a course on will, aspiration and motive force to achieve goals. He hoped that this course will bring about spiritual power to young people on the road to success.

Lam and his group will arrive in Hanoi tonight, October 25.

Son Lam at Vietnam Idol 2010.

Son Lam visits the Great Wall, China.


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