Ben Thanh night market in photos

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Ben Thanh night market in photos

In the past 10 years, the night market sessions of Ho Chi Minh City’s signature Ben Thanh Market have thrived and appealed greatly to tourists and locals alike.

The night market, located on Phan Bôi Chau and Phan Chu Trinh streets surrounding Ben Thanh Market in the city’s downtown area, boasts around 200 stalls.

The stalls offer a wide array of products, ranging from souvenirs, clothing items, cosmetics to footwear and bags.

The market, which typically opens from 7pm to 12am each day, also draws visitors with its cuisine stalls offering a wide assortment of delicacies from the country’s three regions.

During the dry season, the night market receives around 1,000 visitors each night, who come to shop or do some window shopping.

The market is one of the city’s hotspots among international tourists who want a slice of the city’s vivacious nocturnal life and alluring culture.

Biết là phạm luật khi đẩy hàng cồng kềnh, không đội mũ bảo hiểm nhưng để dọn hàng nhanh nhất có thể, các tiểu thương đành làm liều

Stall owners and staffers defy traffic laws in pushing or pulling along bulky items and not wearing helmets to cut down preparation time. Photo: Tuoi Tre.

Santiago Salinas, a tourist from Ecuador, told Tuoi Tre (Youth) that it’s his second trip to Vietnam.

Salinas shared he is intrigued by how the market is run and its cozy, bustling atmosphere.

“The night market offers a gorgeous glimpse of the city’s nocturnal life. Some stall owners are really friendly and helpful, but others should try not to impose on clients,” he observed.

Để dọn hàng nhanh, nhiều tiểu thương đã vi phạm Luật giao thông...

Stall owners and staffers defy traffic laws in pushing or pulling along bulky items and not wearing helmets to cut down preparation time. Photo: Tuoi Tre.

To make the best of every inch of the downtown market, as a number of day-time stall owners call it a day, their night-time colleagues are busy setting up their stalls on the streets at an astonishing speed.

Stall owners and their hired hands seem to race against time with their self-made equipment and usually defy traffic laws to set up their stalls and display their wares as quickly as possible.

The night market is ready to welcome its first shoppers at 7pm sharp, after only some 15 minutes of preparation.

Những thanh niên khỏe mạnh được thuê phụ việc dọn hàng với mức lương khoảng 3 triệu đồng/tháng

Muscular young men are hired to set up stalls for around VND3 million (US$140) a month. Photo: Tuoi Tre.

18g45, từ tứ phía chợ Bến Thành, các xe hàng ùn ùn đổ về và chỉ sau 15 phút, các gian hàng đã tươm tất

Bikes and carts loaded with stall components, gear and wares are seen pouring in around 6.45pm and the stalls are ready only after 15 minutes. Photo: Tuoi Tre.

Một tiểu thương đẩy hệ thống lều sạp được gắn sẵn bánh xe, bóng điện ra chợ đêm

A man is pictured pushing his tent system, with wheels and light bulbs attached, to Ben Thanh night market. Photo: Tuoi Tre.

Quán ăn Hai Lúa với hàng chục bàn ăn nhanh chóng nổi lửa phục vụ những khách hàng đứng chờ ngay từ khi chưa dọn hàng ra bán

Staff at Hai Lua Shop are busy preparing dishes for their clients, who have been waiting before the shop is ready. Photo: Tuoi Tre.

Đúng 19g, chợ đêm Bến Thành hiện lên lung linh, đông đảo du khách nước ngoài tản bộ mua sắm

Ben Thanh night market sparkles at 7pm sharp and receives scores of foreign tourists each night. Photo: Tuoi Tre.

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