Beauties returning to online game market

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Beauties returning to online game market

VietNamNet Bridge – The appearance of Ngoc Trinh and Ngoc Quyen, the two famous beauties and models in Vietnam on teaser game websites of domestic game distributors--may kick off a new wave of beauties returning to the online game market.

In the past, game distributors once invited beauties to act as the “ambassador” for their games. The highest peak of the movement was in 2009, when VTC Game used the image of Hoang Thuy Linh, a well known hot girl and singer for its Linh Vuong webgame.

This was really a wise move taken by VTC, which helped the game distributor make a great success. Linh Vuong webgame once became the No. 1 game in Vietnam for a long time.

After the success, a lot of other game distributors also decided to follow the way to attract more gamers. A lot of singers, hot girls and beauties were then invited by game distributors to act as the “ambassador” for their games. These include Miss Vietnam Mai Phuong Thuy, who then turned into the “Empathy Fairy” for Thuan Thien Kiem game of VNG Company. Hot girl Elly Tran acted as the ambassador for Thuc Son Ky Hiep of NetGame Asia. Midu helped advertise for Linh Thu game of Asiasoft, and Bao Tran for Thong Linh of Saigontel.

The duties of the “ambassadors” were to join the activities to popularize the games of the distributors, play with gamers under the incarnation of the portraits of the games, and join big offline activities.

However, the movement then witnessed a setback for a long time. No beauties were invited to join the activities, while this became no longer the hot topic on the gamers’ forums.

Therefore, it is really a nice surprise to people that the image of Ngoc Trinh has been attached to a new game distributed in Vietnam.

Beauties returning

In late March 2012, SGame released a teaser game website (Clgt), where people can see the image of the well-known model Ngoc Trinh and the slogan “Ngoc Trinh, bieu tuong lang game Viet 2012” (Ngoc Trinh – the symbol of the Vietnamese games community in 2012).

After that, the image of model Ngoc Quyen appeared on another teaser game website which introduces the Vietnamese version of a foreign game – WCV, with the slogan “Bao ve moi truong lang game Viet” (Protect the Vietnamese games’ environment).

Analysts have commented that the tendency of using the images of beauties for games has returned. It seems that distributors tend to target sexy girls, and the hot girls with some showbiz scandals. Ngoc Trinh is now considered the “underwear queen”, while Ngoc Quyen became more famous after launching controversial pictures.

Game distributors believe that the images of the beauties would help popularize their games and attract more gamers. However, analysts have commented that the beauties could not be the guarantee for success.

Hoang Thuy Linh is considered the only success story when she acted as ambassador for Linh Vuong webgame. With the role, Hoang Thuy Linh made a spectacular return to the showbiz world after her sexual clip scandal. Linh Vuong then became the No. 1 webgame in the Vietnamese market.

Meanwhile, other games all sunk, only the ambassadors still succeeded in their career. A lot of games did not have gamers, and they had to shut down. Therefore, analysts say that using the images of beauties for ads could be a double edge knife.

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