Beauties’ charity trip criticized for bad planning

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Beauties’ charity trip criticized for bad planning

A trip to an orphanage by 20 winners of last year’s Miss Vietnam has been attacked for poor planning that led to a modest donation and lukewarm activities.

hoa hau Vietnamese beauties have been criticized for 'acting' while they played with children at an orphanage. Photo: VietnamNet

On the trip to Thuy Xuan Center in Hue city on October 3, the beauty queens donated only VND1.5million (US$75) to cover meals for 110 people - 70 orphans and 40 delegation members, instead of just 30 as the center had expected.

The beauty queens have also been criticized for “acting” while gardening with the kids instead of spending five hours cleaning the orphanage, gardening, cooking, taking the kids to school and eating with them.

After a meeting between Ngo Thi Kim Hong, director of the center and Dao Duc Hieu, head of the trip’s organizing board, the two sides said the trip had been poorly planned.

Hong said the center didn’t find fault with the modest donation.

“We only felt that if the organizers informed us about the increasing number of delegation members, we would prepare more decent meals,” Hong told VietnamNet newswire.

“We don’t blame the beauties because we know that many of them are still in school,” she said.

“They don’t have much money.”

As for the rumor that the beauties just pretended to garden for some photo shoots, Hong said the beauties actually gardened with the kids but could not finish the activity as planned because of rain.

For his part, Hieu said he had learned much from this experience.

“The girls and I wish all misunderstandings will fade away since we have done everything with all our heart,” Hieu told VietnamNet.

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