Beat-boxer refuses to sign contract, quits Got Talent

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Beat-boxer refuses to sign contract, quits Got Talent

VietNamNet Bridge – Beatboxer Nguyen Cuong did not participate in the sixth semi-final show of the Vietnam’s Got Talent 2012 on April 8, because he did not accept some clauses in the contract with the show producer.

Nguyen Cuong or Mr. T was among 49 contestants of the semi-final round but he did not show up in the last six shows. After the sixth show on April 8, the online community rumored that Cuong had quit the show because he did not want to sign a contract with the show producer. The contract is said to include unreasonable clauses.

It was said that Nguyen Cuong disclosed the information on his blog, which was deleted very soon after it was posted.

The clauses that Cuong disagreed consist of: “BHD company, the show organizer, has the right to reject contestants without giving any reason or taking any responsibility. Since the contract is signed until at least three months after the program finishes, contestants are not allowed to join any performance and appear on television. BHD has the right to ask contestants who enter the finale to join Got Talent shows in 12 months since the last episode is aired. BHD will not pay any fee for contestants.”

The online community immediately protested the show and the producer.

“I like your show. You are talented and creative. What a pity that you cannot continue the competition because of such a contract. Be happy!” a reader commented.

“Down with this show! It is arranged program. Don’t care about it, Mr. T. We all know you!” another wrote.

The Vietnam’s Got Talent organizing board explained that contestants are not forced to sign the agreement. Each round of the program has different agreements, under the regulation of Fremantle, which holds the show copyright.

The organizers said that Cuong’s case is special because he is a professional artist, who has his own manager. The program organizers had to discuss with Cuong and his manager when they participated in the program.

“Mr. Cuong and his manager asked the show organizing board to exclude many important regulations, which will affect the show and make an injustice among contestants. We explained to him about these clauses but he refused to sign the agreement and withdraw from the program,” the organizing board writes in a press release.

The show organizers say that Cuong did not respect the rule on information secret that he had approved when he joined the program, from the qualifier round.

They also say that Cuong did not accurately and completely quote clauses in the agreement, which has led to misunderstanding and harmful impacts on the Vietnam’s Got Talent program.

According to organizers, they have to strictly follow the rules and use standard contracts provided by Fremantle. These contracts were compiled by international lawyers to deal with circumstances that can occur for the program that has the participation of tens of thousands of contestants.

The last semi-final show will be aired on VTV3 on April 16.

Thanh Van

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