Bao Ninh’s novel translated into Persian language

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Bao Ninh’s novel translated into Persian language

Iranian translator Masoud Amirkhani

“The Sorrow of War”, a novel by writer Bao Ninh, has been translated into the Persian by an Iranian translator, Masoud Amirkhani.

The Ofoq Publishing House inTehran, popular for literary books, envisages releasing the translated novel this autumn.

Regarding the novel, Amirkhani recalled that, he got the book by chance, and was absorbed by it and very moved. After that, he decided to translate it into Persian language, so that his relatives and friends could experience what he felt in the novel.

He emailed to writer Bao Ninh for permission. At the same time, he read books about Vietnamese wars. With support from his friends, Amirkhani learned more about Vietnam, its people, customs and beautiful scenery. He wishes to visit Vietnam one day to meet with writer Bao Ninh and to explore geographical names in the novel.

The release of “The Sorrow of War” in Persian will help Iranians get access to Vietnamese literary work. So far, just “Prison Diary” by President Ho Chi Minh has been published in Persian. At present, “Kieu’s Story” by Nguyen Du is being translated into Persian by Seyed Kamal Sajjadi, former Iranian Ambassador to Vietnam.

Source: TTCT

Translated by Mai Huong

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