Banning motorbikes in HCM City currently infeasible

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Banning motorbikes in HCM City currently infeasible

>> Drastic measures urged to curb traffic jams

>> Drastic measures urged to curb traffic jams

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Many experts said that it would be impossible to ban motorbikes in HCM City at the moment due to the nature of the city’s urban structure and population distribution.

Banning motorbikes in HCM City is currently infeasible

Experts came to this conclusion at a seminar on October 12.

Du Phuoc Tan, from HCM City Research and Development Institute, said the city’s transport planning included a series of new belt roads and roads running through the city’s centre.

However, a capital shortfall had left many projects in limbo, leading to heavier traffic flows in the city centre and congestion, Tan explained.

Residents in HCM City are compelled to use motorbikes for travel due to a lack of public transport options.

According to Tan, the city had large numbers of thin but long alleys that were just wide enough for motorbikes to use.

Dr. Nguyen Huu Nguyen from the same institute agreed with Tan’s conclusions and said it could be irrational to ban motorbikes.

“Only some well-to-do people are able to buy cars while the majority of residents can only afford to motorbikes. Local people find it convenient to travel by motorbike due to their cost-effectiveness. At present, motorbikes are still vital to people’s lives as the vehicles bring more advantages than disadvantages,” Nguyen emphasised.

Former chief architect Dr. Vo Kim Cuong said, motorbikes had helped ease traffic congestion in HCM City. “Motorbikes are the sole means of transport and are most suitable for the city’s current urban structure.”

Cuong attributed the current impasse to improper planning during the 1940-1990 period, which has resulted in the city’s current uneven population distribution, scattered infrastructure and small but long alleys. Such urban structure affects people’s choice of vehicles and has prolonged motorbike use.

HCM City should pay attention to completing its infrastructure first, in addition to building a detailed roadmap before deciding a ban on motorbikes, he suggested.

Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Construction Nguyen Van Hiep said banning motorbikes was infeasible at present as the city has yet to develop a detailed blueprint on issue.

Dr. Du Phuoc Tan proposed municipal urban restructuring in order to gradually minimise private vehicle use and boost public transport development. The city should also build more high-rises and apartments instead of private houses in order to make it more spacious, he added.

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