BKAV dominates anti-virus software market?

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BKAV dominates anti-virus software market?

VietNamNet Bridge – BKAV has announced that its anti-virus software products are dominating the market with 85 percent of the market share. However, surveys have found out that at big hi-tech product distribution centers, Bkav Pro only account for 55-60 percent of the products sold, while at small shops, Kaspersky is the best seller.

Vu Ngoc Son, Research & Development Director of BKAV, said on Buu dien newspaper that it has conducted a survey on the copyrighted anti-virus software product market in Vietnam by considering the number of products sold and activated at the biggest sales agents and supermarkets nationwide. He said that though an official figure still cannot be revealed at this moment, but BKAV’s products are accounting the market share which is higher than 85 percent, the figure released by BKAV after the survey conducted in 2009.

BKAV software products have been mainly distributed through big distribution chains like Tran Anh, while a small proportion of products have been distributed by home appliance centers such as Pico or Nguyen Kim.

In the north, BKAV software products have been going through the two biggest distributors of Gia Long and An Phat. Also according to Son, the buyers of BKAV are mostly students, households, those who do not have deep knowledge about information technology.

Prior to that in June 2011, BKAV said that with 98.1/100 scores on RAP scale, BKAV anti-virus software product has jumped to the third position among 43 software products that were tested by Virus Bulletin. Especially, BKAV surpassed other well known names such as Kaspersky (94.3 scrores), AVG (94.4 scores), Avira (93.7 scores).

Most recently, on November 23, on the Information Safety Day 2011, BKAV Pro 2011 got the title “the most favorite information safety product” (anti-virus malware item) when 41 percent of people voted for it. Meanwhile, Kaspersky Targeted Security and Symantec Protection Suit Enterprise Edition, which got 33 percent and 12 percent votes, ranked the second and third positions, respectively.

This was for the third time BKAV Pro surpassed foreign products to hold the first position.

According to Nguyen Anh Dung, Deputy Director of An Phat Informatics Company, since the beginning of 2011, the company has sold 4000 Kaspersky version a month, while the sale of BKAV was higher by 10-15 percent.

Besides Hanoi, An Phat has also been distributing anti-virus software products in seven provinces and cities in the north and the central regions, including Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Nghe An and Ha Tinh. However, the sales in the localities just account for 20 percent.

He said that An Phat has also been distributing other software products, mainly to the orders of projects, not to individual clients.

“People prefer BKAV partially because of the good communication campaign,” he said. For example, recently, BKAV ran the program under which buyers bought two products would give two other free.

Meanwhile, Bui Ba Quang from Tran Anh Home Appliance Center, said that every day Tran Anh sells 10-15 BKAV products and 7-10 Kaspersky products. At Tran Anh, BKAV’s products hold 55 percent, Kaspersky 43 percent, while the other two percent belong to other products such as Norton and Avira.

A representative of a online website has also affirmed that BKAV is the best seller among the three BKAV, Kaspersky and Norton. However, he said that BKAV does not hold more than 85 percent of the market share as BKAV stated.

Both Dung and Quang said that different groups of people choose different software products. For example, those, who have good information technology, would choose Kaspersky, while students and households tend to choose Bkav Pro.

Dung said that people tend to choose Bkav Pro, because they can enjoy better post-sale services from BKAV’s team.

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