Awful suspension bridge

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Awful suspension bridge

VietNamNet Bridge - A 20-year-old suspension bridge that hangs tottering over the Cho River is the only link to the world of 194 Raglai, Ede, Tay, Nung, and T’rin families in Ba Cang hamlet in Khanh Hoa province.

The bridge is made of tree stems and steel cables, but residents of Ba Cang hamlet in Khanh Hiep Commune have to use it to go to the other side to earn a living. They often have to replace rotten stems with new ones.

“I’m extremely worried when I see people crossing the bridge under these dangerous circumstances. We want a safer bridge but cannot afford it,” says Cao Minh Tuan, chairman of Khanh Hiep commune.

“Many accidents have happened but local people have to put up with it because there is no other way to reach the other side,” Tuan said.

The awful bridge in photos:

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