Aussie dancers perform for Ha Noi audience

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A group of Australian dancers will perform for Ha Noi students at the National Economics University tomorrow.


The group, Grrilla Step, one of Australia's leading dance groups, will perform krump which features exaggerated and highly energetic moves.

One of the eight dancers will give voice to his character while attempting to advance through three levels of intensity (krump, buck and amp). The dancer may express himself or herself in any way, as long as it is authentic and organic.

Grrilla Step has a uniquely "pacific style" that weaves in influences from the dancers' homelands: Samoa, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and New Zealand.

"There are key grooves that we stick to, but the krumpers are really spontaneous," explains group member Dexter Fabay. "They rehearse a foundation but it can go anywhere. You have to control the music to a point where they get what they call ‘amped'."

Four primary moves will be performed in krump dancing: jabs, arm swings, chest pops and stomps. Krumping is rarely choreographed, it is almost entirely improvised and is usually danced in battles or sessions rather than on a stage.

Grrilla Step's background and performance style is unlike anything Ha Noi audiences will have seen before, Australian ambassador to Viet Nam Allaster Cox said.

"The group shows how young Australians are finding new ways to express themselves across cultural backgrounds and experiences," Cox said.

In Ha Noi, Grrilla Step will conduct dance exchanges with students from RMIT University Viet Nam and the National Economics University. The group will also perform at a festival on Saturday, raising money for Flora and Fauna International.

The tour is organised by the Australian Embassy in Ha Noi in partnership with the Australian Trade Commission and the National Economics University Youth Union. – VNS

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