Artist honors 300 renowned faces by photos

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Artist honors 300 renowned faces by photos

Well-known photographer Nguyen A on Wednesday displayed to the public his latest photo shoot featuring 300 local renowned people in a curiosity-provoking exhibition titled ‘Heart and Talent: Who are They?’

photo exhibition The photos of talented artist Thanh Loc at the exhibition

Each of the three hundred figures, who are believed by Nguyen A, and recognized by the whole society, as having a good heart and talent has on average ten photos portraying their life and work.

The photographer has been shooting them since 2009, right after his “That’s How They Live” exhibition.

So who are they? They are General Vo Nguyen Giap, writer To Hoai, researcher Nguyen Dinh Dau, composer Trinh Cong Son, mathematician Ngo Bao Chau, and professor Tran Van Khe, to name a few.

While the aforementioned figures have long been receiving love and respect from members of the public, their portraits are now again reflected lively through Nguyen A’s lens.

Yet his lens has not merely captured well-known people, but “those young people who are on the way,” as well.

These include 13-year-old student Ho Thi Hieu Hien, who won first prize of the 2010 UPU International letter-writing competition, or Tran Lap -- the leader of Buc Tuong (The Wall) rock band, amongst others.

The photos also portrayed those who have silently devoted to science such as Nguyen Ba My Nhi, a leading Vietnamese endoscopist, or Luong Dinh Chieu, the country’s top blood donor.

Spending more than three years traveling to and fro across the country for the photos, yet all what Nguyen An wants to say about this exhibition is just one simple word -- happy.

Some of the figures whose portraits captured by Nguyen A attended the open ceremony. Many stood for a while to watch their own faces.

The exhibition runs until May 10 at Youth Culture House on Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 3.

Below are some photos taken by Tuoi Tre at the exhibition:

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