Army units help people overcome difficulties of “Haima”

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Army units help people overcome difficulties of “Haima”

PANO - After whirlwinds and torrential rain caused by “storm Haima” resulting in severe damage to many households in An Lu Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City, military units came to localities to help local people ease their losses in a sign of solidarity between the army and the people.

All to the rescue operation

In the early morning of June 25th, troops from the Naval Sapper Unit 126, Regiment 50, under the Naval Zone 1, Military School of Hai Phong City Military High Command, Regiments 240 and 238 of the Vietnam Air Defence and Air Force gathered at the headquarters of An Lu People’s Committee.

After a brief discussion among local authorities and heads of army units, troops were divided into small groups to help villagers repair their houses.

Troops from Regiment 50 help local people ease their losses

“Our troops are highly enthusiastic. Upon receiving the news, everyone is ready to go to localities to help the victims. None of them asks a day off or complains about hardship in helping villagers”, said Lieutenant Nguyen Van Tinh, Political Commissar of Company 2, Battalion 85, Regiment 238, while guiding his soldiers to repair the roof of a house.

Stretching out his head over the roof, Private-First-Class Nguyen Van Duy from Company 2, Regiment 50, Hai Phong City Military High Command, joyfully said, “Actually, though we meet some difficulties, but in any circumstances Uncle Ho’s soldiers are able to take them in their stride. We believe in our skills”.

As an agency working with the military units, members in Thuy Nguyen District’s High Command were usually present at communes with severest difficulties to direct relevant forces to help the people.

Senior Lieutenant-Colonels Vu Van Ken and Dao Van Chi, Head and Political Commissar of Thuy Nguyen Military High Command, respectively, said that after receiving the news of the whirlwinds, they immediately called the City’s High Command to instruct local militia and public security forces to rescue people in the natural disaster as well as direct traffic. Over the past three days, army units used 30 trucks and 15 ambulances, and sent 1,548 troops to help the local people.

Sharing the woes

During these hard times, in addition to meaningful assistances from army units, local residents in hamlets of An Lu Commune showed their solidarity to help each other.

Households with lesser damage helped those with heavier damage before repairing their own houses.

“Over the past days, my family and I, along with soldiers, helped our neighbours repair their houses. I am now repairing my house today as the storm caused a little damage to mine”, said Tran Van Tu, 38, in An Bac Hamlet while erecting part of his house’s fence.

On June 25th, the Dai Tin Titles Joint Stock Company in Luu Kiem Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, handed over VND 30 million to local authorities to help the victims and decided to offer a 20 per cent discount on its construction materials. In addition, the company halted producing bricks to focus on tiles for local people to re-roof their houses.

“My family’s construction material store and house were partly destroyed by the storm. But first, we have to focus on selling materials to our neighbours for them to repair their houses. I will repair mine latter. I keep the same prices as before the storm. It is the most practical way to help others during such time of woe”, said Nguyen Van Dup in An Loi Hamlet after helping his neighbour load titles into a lorry.

Stepping out of the hall of the An Lu Commune People’s Committee after receiving an assistance of VND 5 million, Mrs. Vu Thi Nghiem, aged 68, in Sim Hamlet, said that though her loss of property was 5 times higher than this aid, it was very important in this difficult time.

According to Chairman of An Lu commune People’s Committee, Nguyen Xuan Bien, in the two days, June 25th and 26th, Thuy Nguyen District and An Lu authorities offered VND 4 billion to local families which were badly hit by the storm. Of which, 50 per cent of the aid comes from the City’s budget and the remainder from the District’s.

Translated by Van Hieu

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