Are teachers rich or poor?

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Are teachers rich or poor?

There are big differences in the income of teachers. While the majority of teachers complain that the income is not high enough to cover their basic needs, some “branded teachers” can earn billions of dong a year. The common thing of the groups of teachers is that they do not receive much money from the state budget.

In big cities, nearly all teachers of primary and secondary schools give extra teaching at private tutoring classes

Extra teaching hours bring major income

In big cities, nearly all teachers of primary and secondary schools give extra teaching at private tutoring classes. In the past, the classes were located at education centers. However, nowadays, teachers open the classes right at their homes, which allows them not to have to share profits with others.

It’s easy to attract students to private tutoring classes nowadays, because nearly all the students want to go to extra classes after the school hours. Even those, who do not want to attend the classes, also have to attend the tutoring lessons provided by their teachers, or they would receive bad marks for school works.

A parent whose son is going to a school in Dong Da district said that two thirds of the students in his son’s class go to the private class run by their school teacher. Every student has to pay VND60,000 (USD2.87) for every teaching hour, or 120,000 a week. As such, with the current number of students, the teacher can earn VND20 million a month from the private tutoring classes.

In Thanh Oai district in the suburbs of Hanoi, a secondary school teacher said that the students of the school have 4 private tutoring hours a week, for which they had to pay 2VND200,000. On average, a class comprises of 30 students, and a teacher has two teaching shift a day. This means that a teacher can earn VND30 million a month.

Meanwhile, in Vietnam, a monthly income of VND10 million would be considered “high income.”

The tuitions would be much higher if students want specific tutoring hours. Thu, a parent in Cau Giay district, said that her second grade son last year learned with a teacher who demanded VND100,000 per teaching hour. As the class had fewer students than other normal classes, the tuition per student was higher.

Hundreds of millions of dong in income for general school teachers

Every year, thousands of students in big cities attend the entrance exams to prestigious schools, such as the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, the High School for the Gifted under the Hanoi University for Natural Sciences, Luong The Vinh, Marie Curie high schools.

In order to prepare for the entrance exams, all the students have to attend the extra classes where they can learn with qualified teachers and pay sky high tuitions.

The Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted is the targeted school for many students in Hanoi. Therefore, the teachers of the school are considered “branded teachers,” whose classes are always full of students.

A student of the school said that the tuitions demanded by the school’s teachers are “reasonable”. She has to pay VND500,000 a month for 12 mathematics teaching hours. Besides, she also attends other classes, which costs her 1.5 million dong in total for extra lessons.

“All the teachers at my school give private tutoring classes. They do not have weekends,” she said.

It is estimated that a branded teacher can earn VND50-60 million a month, if he has a busy weekly teaching schedule, from Monday to Saturday, with 4 teaching shifts a day. Meanwhile, less prestigious teachers can also earn hundreds of millions of dong a year.

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