Apple issues legal warning on copyright infringement

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Apple has stepped up to protect their brand in Vietnam by banning stores from using their logo and name and asked authorised stores to not repair iPhones bought from unknown sources.

A store selling Apple products in Hanoi

According to several retailers, VOTRA Company has sent a document claiming to be Apple's legal representative to protect its intellectual property in Vietnam and asking them to stop using Apple logo as it's an infringement.

The document states that there are many retailers that are not authorised by Apple to sell or provide maintenance services but still use the logo and name on their sign boards.

In addition, a number of retailers even sell fake products under Apple brand.

This can cause misunderstandings that those retail stores are authorised by Apple.

Apple is entitled to take legal action to protect their rights against intellectual infringement.

VOTRA Company asked the retailers to remove the logo and name from their signboards and transaction papers and stop selling fake Apple products within a week.

Apple has made moves and changes in their warranty policies for iPhones in Vietnam.

Authorised stores have refused to provide repair and maintenance services for iPhones without invoices and bills.

This is a heavy blow to individual sellers and stores that buy and bring iPhones into Vietnam as personal luggage or for second-hand stores.

In recent days Apple has also locked many jailbroken iPhones bought from unknown sources and reported to be missing.

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