Another look at Vietnam’s track and field

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Another look at Vietnam’s track and field

VietNamNet Bridge – 2010 was a bright year for Vietnamese track-and-field athletes, with three silver and two bronze medals at the Asian Games won by Vu Thi Huong, Truong Thanh Hang and Vu Van Huyen.

German experts and Vietnamese athletes at Asian Games 2010.

The above results prove that the modern training methods introduced by foreign coaches are the right way to help Vietnam reach the world arena.

Talents are abundant, modern training methods are rare

Vietnam’s track–and-field has never been short of talents. There were stars like Nguyen Thi Tinh, Doan Nu Truc Van, Nguyen Lan Anh in the far past, then Le Van Duong, Hoang Thi Kim Cuc and now Thanh Hang, Vu Thi Huong, Vu Van Huyen and Nguyen Dinh Cuong.

Vietnam has athletic talents, and especially the later generation has advantages in terms of physical strength as well as sporting spirit, over the previous generation

Vietnamesecoaches are praised for their qualifications and enthusiasm.

Coaches Ho Thi Tu Tam, Nguyen Dinh Minh and Bui Luong also take care of their trainees with their hearts. Though they are experience and devoted to training their talented students, Vietnamese track-and-field athletes could not? win medals at the Southeast Asian Games. They were frequently injured and not perform well at both regional and world events.

The periods of good performance of Vietnamese track-and-field athletes lasts short. Talents like Duy Bang, Ngoc Tam, Bui Thi Nhung, Hoang Thi Kim Cuc and Nguyen Lan Anh only shined at several events and fading gradually afterwards.

When science comes in

The chief of the Vietnamese sports delegation at the Asian Games 2010 was Mr. Le Quy Phuong, who is not a sport professional, but for the first time, Vietnamese athletes were taken care by a large contingent of health experts.

Phuong invited two German experts – Uwe Freimuth and Gunter Lange – to assist the track-and-field team in its preparation for the Asian Games.

As technical advisor for the Vietnam Athletics Federation, Freimuth together with the Vietnamese coaches Ho Thi Tu Tam and Nguyen Dinh Minh had been preparing the athletes for the Asian Games since late 2009.

In 2010 Freimuth and his Vietnamese co-workers decided that the Vietnamese athletes would focus only on the Asian Games.

Apart from training and advising the national track-and-field team, the German expert chose two Vietnamese coaches Nguyen Dang Truong and Le Cong Huu for a training course in Germany, as part of a long-term athletics development cooperation project between Vietnam and Germany.

“The mistake of Vietnam’s athletics is its greed. It requires athletes to be the winners in all games. It is utopian for every champion. Track-and-field champions only define a key goal in a year and they focus on it. Other tournaments are to gain experience. If they win, it is good. If they lose, it is not serious at all. If I have Vu Thi Huong and Truong Thanh Hang trained in Germany, Vietnam will surely have gold medals at the Asian Games,” Freimuth said.

In early 2010, some athletes who were trained by two German experts in Langbiang plateau in Lam Dong province and at the Asian Gameswon three silver and two bronze medals.

Vietnamese coaches also attended a class on modern training methods by German experts and they admitted the superiority of the methods presented.

After one month in Lam Dong, Freimuth had to return home. However, he set up a hot line with two Vietnamese coaches to exchange the information about the athletes.

“We only applied German experts’ guidance to succeed at the Asian Games. If our athletes were trained by foreign expert for the entire year, the results would have been unimaginable. They are really excellent. They teach marvelous physical and technical lessons. They had methods to adjust the skills of athletes which brought immediate results. I wish to have more time with them to learn more,” said coach Ho Thi Tu Tam.

Sports health

Health was also an important element for the success of Vietnam’s athletics at the Asian Games.

At the games, athletes enjoyed special care from two German experts, invited by Mr. Le Quy Phuong via the recommendation of doctor Moss, during the training sessions, as well as before and after the games. Coaches were no longer seen doing massage for their trainees or athletes giving massages to each other.

The progress of Vietnam’s track-and-field is the product of talents and efforts but this time, it is also the outcome of a methodological approach.

“Training sportsmen is based on the combination of many elements of knowledge related to training, healthcare, nutrition, etc. Vietnam’s sports currently lack sciences in all aspects. However, in the current conditions, Vietnam can’t deal with this shortage immediately. We can only provide our athletes with the best care at big games,” said Le Quy Phuong.


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