Amazing motorbike taxi service offered by Westerner

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Amazing motorbike taxi service offered by Westerner

(VOV) - Hanging on his bike a sign that reads “Xe om tay phuc vu” (motorbike taxi service offered by a Westerner), Zagrodski Adrian, a Polish student at Hanoi University, has caught the attention of local people.

Adrian, often called Adi, a student at the Vietnamese-Thai faculty of Hanoi University, is currently working for a television station in Hanoi. He has become famous since his image as motorbike taxi service provider was posted on Facebook, drawing thousands of hits.

Like other Vietnamese students, Adi, 24, says he was unable to afford his tertiary tuition fees and living costs, so he decided to earn some money by being a part-time “xe om” (motorbike taxi) driver. In fact, it was not true as he just starred in the role as “xe om” driver for a TV program.

First he stood at the gate of the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam, then moved to an area next to the Academy of Journalism.

Seeing his advertisement many people stopped short to see how the foreigner do this job, like local motorbike taxi drivers.

In two days, Adi got only two customers, not anywhere near sufficient to make ends meet, but the service has paved the way for his meeting local customers after his photo with the motorbike was posted on Facebook.

Many now want to try his service, including pretty women who fancy sitting behind a handsome foreigner like Adi, who would charge lower fees to them.

However, he has given up his short but promising service after acting as a “xe om” driver for a TV program on the attitude of Vietnamese people towards such a service offered by a foreigner.

The Polish guest says he loves Hanoi very much, especially West Lake and Nguyen Trai Street, where he has found himself closely attached to during his time as a student of Hanoi University.

“Vietnamese people have stolen my heart,” Adi confides, saying that he chooses Vietnam as his long-term residence country of which he has unforgettable memories.

Adi says he will stay in the S-shaped country after graduation.

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