APOLLO offers specific programmes for English learners

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APOLLO offers specific programmes for English learners

Apollo English is initiating a special on-demand course called Apollo Premiumwith the motto “Learning on demand, maximising the convenience”.

This is a special course designed specifically for each individual student according to one’s needs of knowledge, curriculum, time, and location. Students registered for the Apollo Premiumcourse will get opportunities to experience a unique international standard learning style.

In particular, the course will be specifically designed for each student to fit one’s current English level, and Apollo English will send teachers to teach at one’s own home or office to help save your travelling time. The timeline and the number of students in the class will be flexibly arranged in accordance to the learners’ requests instead of the regular schedule of the center.

Thereby, Apollo English ensures a constantly comfortable and flexible learning environment for the students of Apollo Premium to acquire knowledge in the most methodical, convenient and rapid way.

Participants of Apollo Premium are open to all students wishing to study in classes of General English, English for Finance and Commerce, IELTS and Visa interview.

Apollo Premiumis considered as the first “self-designed” English course to appear in Vietnam aiming to serve the increasingly diverse needs of English learners.

Founded in 1994, Apollo English is the first English training organisation with 100 per cent foreign investment in Vietnam. Apollo is proud to be a member of International House – a historic and reputable English language institution of the United Kingdom. With the motto: “Where the Best become Better”, Apollo is moving forward to the goal of becoming the top English language training institution in Vietnam.

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