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HOSE announces the record date for a ballot as follows:

- Name of the listed firm: Alphanam Joint Stock Company

- Stock symbol: ALP

- Stock type: Common stock

- Par value: VND10,000

- Ex-right date: 10th September 2009 (in case of put-through trading with volume from 100,000 shares and above on 10th & 11th September 2009, sellers will not receive the right)

- Record date: 14th September 2009

- Purpose: doing a ballot for the following issues:

* Paying bonus shares in advance for 2009 to existing shareholders with ratio of 6%/par value (100:6, a shareholder who owns 100 shares on the record date will receive 6 shares. The number of bonus shares will be rounded in tens. The remaining shares after being rounded are bought back at the VND10,000/share).

* Finance source of issuing bonus shares: undistributed capital surplus recorded in the 2008 financial statement.

Time of a ballot: September 2009 or right after receiving the shareholder list of the Vietnam Securities Depository – Hochiminh Branch.

Viet Nam Securities Depository – Hochiminh Branch will temporarily suspend the depository activities for ALP on 11th, 14th & 15th September 2009.

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