A/H3N2 flu outbreak detected in Vietnam

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A/H3N2 flu outbreak detected in Vietnam

The Health Ministry has confirmed swine flu virus A/H3N2 appeared in Vietnam on February 15.

The flu was detected on April 2011 by Ho Chi Minh Pasteur Institute after a two year old girl in Can Duoc District, Long An Province was hospitalised.

The girl received treatment at Children’s Hospital 1 and her sample was then sent to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in the US for testing. On January 10, the results confirmed she had been infected with pig-related virus A/H3N2.

Tran Thanh Duong, Deputy Head of Department of Preventive Medicine said this was the first case of A/H3N2 flu of porcine origin detected in Vietnam. However the situation was not alarming since the virus had low toxicity and shows no sign of transmission between humans.

To prevent a spread of the pandemic, the Health Ministry ordered National Influenza Surveillance System to detect further cases of H3N2. Bodies monitoring the outbreak were advised to offer full co-operation with the World Health Organisation to help with further investigations of the outbreak.

The Health Ministry also warned that virus H5N1 was still being found in many localities. People are being advised to eat well-cooked poultry meat and take medical examinations if they suffer from coughing, fever or have breathing difficulties after contact with poultry.

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