A hard life for children in rural areas

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A hard life for children in rural areas

For many children in Dak Nong, in the Central Highlands, childhood is a time of toil instead of play.

Along the path to Dak Nang Hamlet in Dak Som Commune, Dak Glong District, groups of children are busy themselves peeling cassavas, doing agricultural labour or taking care of their younger siblings.

Elsewhere, a little boy struggles to carry a large cassava, while another small boy carries a large load on his back.

These children grow up in the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands, where difficult work is the norm. Despite their hard lives, smiles often brighten their faces.

Mr. Thao A Nha, Chief of the hamlet, said “Due to the economic conditions here, people will often have several children in order to have extra help in the fields. The average family here has eight to ten children.”

Photos captured from Dak Nang hamlet:

Helping parents while they are tilling the fields

Taking care of younger children

Playing with home-made toys

Little girl nurses a dream

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