90kg-tumor man leaves hospital

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90kg-tumor man leaves hospital

VietNamNet Bridge – Three months after the operation to cut off a huge tumor of 90kg on his leg, Nguyen Duy Hai has recovered. He left the hospital on April 9.

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The patient before the surgery.

Experiencing a surgery in 1997, with the hope of getting rid off a big tumor on his right leg, Hai again suffered from the developing tumor since 2001. The man lived with the giant tumor for more than ten years.

Thanks to American doctor McKey McKinnon’s talent, the tumor was cut off after a 14-hour operation on January 5, 2012. In the last three months, the patient was taken care of by doctors at the FV Hospital in HCM City. The man has completely recovered and left the hospital on April 9.

After the operation, Hai was only 49kg in weight but now he is 59kg.

However, doctors say that Hai suffers from a genetic disease so they are not sure that weather the tumor will grow again or not. However, the American doctor tried his best to cut off the root.

Today, April 10, Hai will return to his home in Da Lat city in Lam Dong province.

“I lived like a dead man over the last four years. Now I’m revived because I can walk on crutches. I will continue learning mobile phone repair. I hope that this job can feed me. I would like to sincerely thank doctor McKinnon, doctors of the FV Hospital and benefactors who have given me this happiness!” Hai says.

Hai at present.

Hai and his mother.

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