39 dead bodies found in former coffin shop

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Upon visiting his house in Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Chanh District last month, Le Viet Thuy, an overseas Vietnamese living in Japan, found 39 dead bodies packed in bags in a room, Thanh Nien Newspaper reported.

Dead bodies packed in bags in a room Photo: Thanh Nien

According to Binh Chanh District’s police, who are yet to find out the dead bodies’ identities as well as the cause and time of death, 42-year-old Thuy, used a friend name’s to buy the house when he visited Vietnam many years ago.

In 2004, 46-year-old Duong Van Loc from District 8, asked Thuy over the phone to rent the house to open a coffin shop. Thuy agreed.

On October 22 the same year, Loc inaugurated the coffin shop which he named Tan Loc Coffin Shop.

Three years later, he transferred the shop to Dang Thi Diem Suong who changed the name to Thien Tho Coffin Shop.

In 2009, because of losses, Suong closed the shop and “disappeared.”

According to the police, a preliminarily investigation found that in 2009 Suong signed a contract with local authorities to exhume 184 tombs in Binh Chanh District’s Da Phuoc area.

But no evidence shows that the dead bodies belonged to these tombs. The police are thus looking for Suong as the key person who may know the answer.

Meanwhile, Loc told the police that after he transferred the shop to Suong, he went to a pagoda in Khanh Hoa Province to become a monk and hasn’t been in touch with her ever since.

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