260 white eys compete in Hanoi

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260 white eys compete in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge – White eys breeders from over ten northern provinces brought their birds to a competition in Hanoi on April 15.

The competition was held at the Sports and Physical Training School for Children in Hoang
Mai district, Hanoi. Among ornamental birds, it is the most difficult to train white eys.

Birds are transported in bird cages, covered by red cloth.

A group of seven bird breeders from Nam Dinh city participated in the contest with 15 white eys.

Some people joined the event with only one bird but some with two birds upwards. “I have 23
white eys but I take only three with me to this contest,” this man said.

The competition began at 8am. A juryman said that the more birds sing, the bigger opportunity
for them to win the contest.

There are 21 jurymen, each three shared a table.

After each round, birds were fed with worms and fruits.

Like other hobbies, breeding white eys needs patients, labor and passion.

“This bird sings very sweet. I paid VND40 million ($2,000) to own it,”
Mr. Son from Hanoi, said.

Bird cages are also expensive. The price is from VND800,000 ($40) to tens of million dong.

The competition drew a lot of viewers. “I like birds but I do not have time for them.
I usually attend bird contests as an audience,” said Mr. Nam from Hanoi.

After five rounds, a bird of Mr. Duong Tan Hoang Nguyen won the first prize, with 82 points.

“My bird is five years old. It is small but very healthy. Its voice is very good.
It has won many prizes,” says Mr. Nguyen.

“Some people wanted to buy my bird for over VND70 million ($3,500) but I did not sell it.
This bird is invaluable! I will never sell it,” he added.


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