2012 Hue Festival – A Rendezvous of Historical Cities

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The Hanoitimes -The 2012 Hue Festival, where the diverse cultures of 26 countries o­n five continents will meet, officially opens o­n the evening of April 7 at Ngo Mon (Noon Gate) square in Hue city.

The Hanoitimes -The 2012 Hue Festival, where the diverse cultures of 26 countries o­n five continents will meet, officially opens o­n the evening of April 7 at Ngo Mon (Noon Gate) square in Hue city.

Under the theme ‘A Rendezvous of Historical Cities’, the impressive international festival features hundreds of cultural and sports programmes showcasing the unique characteristics of the attending countries.

The 2012 National Tourism Year highlighting the north central coastal region will include a series of activities o­n the theme of ‘Heritage Tourism’ to promote the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Thua Thien Hue province and all of Vietnam, with a focus o­n the 2012 Hue Festival. This year’s Hue Festival is special because it also promotes the theme of the 2012 National Tourism Year. The success of the festival will contribute significantly to the success of the Tourism Year and vice versa,” said Director of the Hue Festival Centre, Nguyen Duy Hien.

The festival will bring together 40 art troupes from 26 countries around the world. The Smooth band from France , which has toured 16 countries in Europe and America , will delight audiences with their simple, poetic melodies and perfect sound mixing that blends pop, soul, jazz-funk, hiphop and electronic music styles.

The ‘Millennium Sound, Millennium Movement’ programme by the Namwon National Guagak Centre will bring to the stage a variety of cultural performances from the Republic of Korea . The Piatnisky Music and Dance Ensemble from Russia , an Indian art troupe and an art troupe from Okinawa that specialises in traditional Japanese dances are also scheduled to perform during the festival.

This year’s festival will include a royal stage performance entitled ‘Thien Ha Thai Binh’ (Peace for the Country), a harmonic composition of ‘Nha Nhac’ (royal court music), and traditional dances and poetry recitals o­n a floating stage in the Huong (Perfume) River, as well as a festival of drums and percussion instruments entitled ‘Am Vang Hao Khi Viet’ (Resounding of the Vietnamese Spirit) at Nghinh Luong Dinh square.

A performance recalling the ‘Ha Gia’ ritual (traditional princess wedding) recreating the ceremonies and costumes will also be held at the event.

The festival will also see other events such as A ‘Royal Night’, an ‘Ao Dai’ (Vietnamese traditional long dress) show, and an Oriental Night will also take place and there will be a rural market, a programme about royal cuisine and an exhibition of ornamental plants.

Artists from East Asian and Latin American countries will liven up the city of Hue with exciting street carnivals every evening during the eight-day festival. For the first time, the artists will also give performances for labourers, soldiers at armed forces units and patients at central hospitals in the city.

Tourists will enjoy the arts performances and experience the festive atmosphere while exploring the poetic natural beauty of Hue o­n visits to cultural and historical sites as well as boat tours o­n the Huong River and Tam Giang Lagoon.

According to Vice Chairman of Thua Thien-Hue provincial People’s Committee and head of the festival’s organising board, Ngo Hoa, hosting the 2012 National Tourism Year in conjunction with a major tourism event such as the 2012 Hue Festival will help Thua Thien – Hue province promote its tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as its unique cultural and natural environment to domestic and international visitors. It will also contribute to making Hue a centrally-run city and a centre for culture and tourism that also features advanced science, technology, education, training and medical services.


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