2 guys bloodied in brawl for a girl

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2 guys bloodied in brawl for a girl

Two young men tried to beat each other bloody during a fight in the southern province of Binh Duong on Sunday, struggling for a girl whom both of them claimed was their girlfriend.

Tow men The two young men beat each other bloody during a fight in Binh Duong southern province on May 20. Photo: VnExpress

As the result of the brawl, one went to hospital for care and the other was held by local police.

Investigators said at dawn on May 20, a young man wearing a red T-shirt on a motorcycle tried to chase a couple also on a bike.

The man quickly reached the bike ahead and stopped it, claiming the girl behind was his girlfriend and accused ‘the driver’ of stealing his girl, but ‘his rival’ denied this.

Their disagreement became heated, soon escalating to a full-out fight with the men using their helmets as weapons, causing chaos in the area.

113 mobile police forces and local police showed up at the scene afterwards. The man who carried the girl was taken to hospital for care due to a head injury, while his ‘rival’ was detained by local police pending an investigation.

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